2nd Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Human Machine Interaction

Motivations & Relevance

Human-Machine Interaction (HMI), or Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), is a multidisciplinary field, which is benefitting from the latest advancements in wearable devices, sensing technologies, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) models. This allows the development of new applications in the medical, entertainment, education, and industrial sectors, with real-time responses in real-life environments.

Several issues arise when proposing a HMI system, that could span from the presence of noisy data to their subjectivity, from the device expensiveness to the system computational costs, from user behavior when dealing with the machine to the effective machine response.

In particular the main motivations and the scientific relevance guiding the AIxHMI Workshop have roots in:

Important Dates

Workshop days

The workshop is co-located with the 22nd International Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence, which will be held from November 06, 2023 to Noveber 09, 2023 in Rome.

The exact schedule of the workshop will be communicated in a later date.



Workshop Program