3rd Workshop on
Artificial Intelligence for Human-Machine Interaction

Motivations & Relevance

Everyday life is pervaded by the presence of technologies and computer systems, building up a continuous interaction between humans and machines.

The field of Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) is expanding day-by-day and is benefitting from the efforts produced by multidisciplinary teams as well as from software and hardware technological advancements.

Novel applications are continuously proposed to support humans in different aspects of their life, spanning from everyday physical activity detection to continuous monitoring of patients, from neuromarketing campaigns to augmented reality experiences, just to name a few.

Artificial Intelligence is heavily exploited in different development steps of HMI systems and have proved to improve the reliability, efficiency and effectiveness of these different applications.

The AIxHMI Workshop has roots in the belief that novel ideas, advancements, and efforts can be constructed by considering the HMI field from different perspectives and thus invites researchers, industries, and experts to contribute with their novel ideas and join the discussion on topics such as human-centric approaches, AI techniques for better HMI with pervasive, portable, and consumer or medical devices, AI methods exploiting heterogeneous data sources, reliability of AI in human-based systems accessing regulatory and ethical concerns.

Important Dates

Workshop days

The workshop is co-located with the 23rd International Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence, which will be held from November 25, 2024 to November 28, 2024 in Bolzano (Italy).

The exact schedule of the workshop will be communicated on a later date.



Workshop Program